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Why should you do 10PC?

  • Test conducted by trained paramedical staffs 

  • Convenient

  • Quick, done within 30-60 minutes 

  • Results can be shared by your own doctor

  • Results can be used for further assessment (if needed) 

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The Scope of 10PC

1.Body Mass Index

2.Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

3.Carotid Artery Assessment 

4.Heart Function Assessment

5.Heart Valve Function Assessment

6.Abdominal Aorta Assessment

7.Peripheral Artery Assessment

8.Electrocardiography (ECG)

9.Advanced Blood Sugar Measurement 

10.Comprehensive Lipid Profile​

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iGLOW’s 10-Point Heart Check (10PC) is the first of its kind pre-heart risk screening programme in Malaysia that helps to detect early heart and stroke risks.

This pre-screening programme uses mobile medical devices to deliver accurate and convenient recording for you to plan for the need for subsequent comprehensive tests. 

You will receive a risk score that points you to your next step such as whether to undertake further full screening at a medical centre if the risk score is high or to go home without the need for further checks if the risk score is low. 


The beauty of this programme is that it is usually done within 30-60 minutes. We can even arrange one at your friendly clinic in your neighbourhood. 


All you need to do contact us, we can suggest an establishment to visit.


On the eve of the date, make sure you fast overnight, come in at the time of your appointment, 10PC result will be shared to you by a doctor within 1 hour.

Please contact us for more information.

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Bierig S.M.&AnitaArnold., Cardiovascular Ultrasound Combined With Non-invasive Screening for the Detection of Undiagnosed Cardiovascular Disease: A Literature Review. J Diag Med Son, 2017,34(3), 197-206.


Who should test? 

If you have a family history of heart disease & stroke 

If you have not conducted any health test in the past 

Heart Girl

If you are young and recently found to have high cholesterol or high blood pressure

If you are participating in heavy sports and would like to know your heart condition

Old Asian Man

If you already know your heart condition but would like to do a periodical test conveniently

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