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Work Scanner

(Wellbeing Onsite Recording Kiosk)

An integrated attendance system with thermal scanning capability designed for business for efficient gate pass-through and convenient record-keeping.
WORK Scanner by iGLOW Sdn Bhd_with price

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iGlow's work scanner is designed for temperature measurement for a large group of people with a high speed and accuracy.

The system is easy to set up and can be deployed in office buildings, retail stores, supermarket or manufacture product plants. It uses to prevent people for Covid-19 symptoms such as fever for entry common premises.


Why our work scanner?

  • High accuracy

  • Temperature and Facial detection within 500ms

  • Face recognition under low light

  • Can store up to 100 days of attendance (in Excel with corresponding faces in jpg format)

  • Potential for cloud-based management via WIFI connection

  • Quick installation (less than an hour per Unit)

face mask detection.png

Recognises even with mask on

face recognition.png

Facial detection within 500ms under low light

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iGLOW Work Scanner
Key Features

Suitable for face recognition health screen terminal use at many premises. Contactless, safe, efficient, and accurate measurements.
Temperature alerts.png

Identify high temperature 

detect body temperature.png

Shows accurate measurements

Face Recognition

Face Mask Identification

Temperature Alerts

Detect Body Temperature

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