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About iGLOW

iGLOW Sdn Bhd is a member of iHEAL Medical Group alongside iHEAL Medical Centre based in Mid Valley City.


We focus on wellness and population health. We aspire to be the leading corporate health solutions provider dedicated to bringing health and wellness to corporations with innovative community healthcare and health assessment products coupled with boutique-level customer service.


Operating under the tag “When I am healthy, I GLOW”, we believe that Preventive Healthcare is not limited to performing your annual health screening but instead, it should be balanced with a healthy lifestyle, eg. exercise, eating right as well as keeping a close watch on your health. 


Riding on this belief, we have expanded our service to mobile health and to include components of lifestyle to add additional excitement to our health screening programme. Our new health screening programme, called iGLOW Stroke and Cardiovascular Prevention Programme (10-Point Heart Check), as the name suggests, provides a 10-year cardiovascular risk assessment through a series of 10 different parameters checked using machines & blood samples.

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To make Heart Care even more exciting, we also have a partner company that provides unique award-winning assisted healthcare solution called iCHECKUP as part of the benefit for Continuous Healthdata Collection, Keeping, Updating and Analytics (acronym for CHECKUP). In short, this solution is a platform to collect your health data using selected wearables and other wireless medical devices (given as part of the membership benefits) and send that information to our cloud solution, iCHECKUP for continuous self and assisted health monitoring.


Our partners for service provisions include iHEAL Medical Centre and OurCheckup Sdn Bhd. iHEAL Medical Centre is a Heart and Heart related medical centre registered under the Private Healthcare Act Malaysia that offers state-of-the-art medical facilities and is a renowned medical centre for beating heart surgery. 

OurCheckup Sdn Bhd is a company specialising in health data analytics and technology solutions.

Why Choose

To make Heart Care even more exciting

Medical Technology

Safe and effective at our one-stop boutique medical centre

Affordable Price

Democratizing heart care with pre-screening programmes (e.g: 10-Point Heart Check)

Remote Healthcare

Health screening at a time and place of your convenience via mobile screening and 10-Point Heart Check


Professionally led wellness programmes

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