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Cleaning Table

Wireless Spray Gun

Why you should spray disinfectant on air around you?

In addition to direct human-to-human transmission, contaminated air also poses a risk of transmitting viruses and pathogens. Especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic.


According to WHO airborne transmission has resulted in many more cases and even more rapid spread of the virus. 

Why iGLOW'S Wireless Spray Gun ?

  • Sanitize a space of 10,000 sqft in 30 minutes

  • Fast charging battery (1 hour to full charge)

  • FREE! 500 units of Disinfectant Tablet

spray gun.png

Spray Gun

- Including Lithium Ion 20V rechargeable battery

Fast Charger

Fast Battery Charger

Particular attention must be paid to areas in daily use, as well as to areas frequented attend by people.

Where can spray disinfection be used?

  • Locker rooms, Bathrooms, Sanitary Facilities

  • Office Spaces

  • Public Transport

  • Restaurant and food preparation areas

  • Entryways and public spaces

  • Education Facilities

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We provide free delivery too!!

Clean Officespace
Meeting Area

Office Space

Sanitary Facilities

Education Facilities

Meeting Room

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